Plastering Edinburgh – DIY or Hire a Professional?

When you’re thinking of decorating your home, there may be plastering to be done before you can hang new wallpaper or paint the walls.

Some people think they can cut costs by doing plastering themselves, but it doesn’t always go to plan. We’ve listed five scenarios below where it’s better to hire a professional plasterer in Edinburgh rather than doing it yourself.

Buying the wrong materials

If you have little or no experience of plastering, you may well end up buying the wrong materials for your particular job. There are many different types of plaster available, and choosing the wrong kind could end up with you having to pay a professional to put things right.

There are also a range of different plastering trowels available to buy from DIY shops, and again, without any prior knowledge, you could end up creating problems for yourself by choosing the wrong one.

Using too much/not enough plaster

When you want a nice smooth surface on your walls or ceiling, using too much or too little plaster won’t achieve the desired effect. It could take you a lot of time to fix your plastering mistakes and delay your decorating project by days.

Not allowing enough drying time

Many amateur decorators are too keen to get on with the rest of their project and don’t allow enough time for their plaster to dry properly first. Knowing how long to leave a particular type of plaster before painting it comes down to experience and knowledge of the materials being used.

Making a mess

Working with plaster can be messy if you haven’t done it before. You may think it will be fairly straightforward to prepare your walls or ceiling to be plastered and then apply it. However, the reality for many DIY enthusiasts is a lot of mess in their homes that they didn’t anticipate when they started the project.

Health and safety

If you’re not used to carrying out plastering work, there may be a number of important health and safety considerations that you’ve overlooked. Things such as choosing the right footwear, working safely using ladders, and dealing with spillages and protruding wires can all impact on your personal safety when plastering inside or outside your home.

Let us take the hassle of plastering away from you. Our experience means we can do the job quicker and get it right first time. Get in touch now to arrange a free quote.