Five Benefits of Professional Tiling

Whether you’re having a new bathroom or kitchen installed in your home, the standard of tiling work can play a significant part in the overall standard of finish.  If you choose to do the tiling yourself in a bid to save money, it could backfire if things don’t go to plan. Read on below for five benefits of having your tiling done professionally by us.

Save time

Tiling is one of those jobs that appear easy until you try to do it yourself. Experience counts for a lot in tiling from cutting the tiles to making sure they’re all placed accurately and neatly. If the tiling is the last job to be done in your new kitchen or bathroom, you can speed up the process by having us do it for you to a high standard.

A better finish

Even the smallest mistakes can have a big impact on how your tiles look. For example, if one of them is slightly cracked and you don’t have any more to replace it with, or has some grout on the surface, it can spoil the overall look of your new bathroom and kitchen. Why take the chance by doing it yourself? Our professional tilers will get it right first time and leave you with a room you can be proud of.


If we’re fitting your new kitchen or bathroom for you, we can do the tiling as part of the overall job. We’ll allow for the tiling time when we quote the finish date for your project, so you’ll know exactly when your new bathroom or kitchen will be complete.

Peace of mind

With our fixed cost tiling quotes, you’ll know exactly how much your job will cost in advance and you only have to pay the balance when you’re happy with how your new tiles look. We can also advise you on the best kind of tiles to order so you don’t make any expensive mistakes.

Less waste

People often drastically overestimate how many tiles they’ll need for a new kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the cost of each tile, ordering too many could prove to be an expensive mistake. On top of the wasted money, what are you going to do with say two dozen extra tiles - throw most of them away or store them in your shed or attic in the hope you might need them one day? If you get us involved in your tiling job from the start we will make sure we order the right amount of tiles and that you’ll have just a few spares left over if any need replaced in the future for any reason.

We’d love to quote for your tiling project – contact us now to discuss your needs.