Bathroom Installation Edinburgh – Why You Shouldn’t do it Yourself

Installing your own bathroom may seem like a good idea in order to save money, but there are many things that could go wrong. The five DIY disasters listed below happen all too often when people try to cut corners by fitting their own bathrooms.

Plumbing problems

The most common problem people have when trying to install their own bathroom suites is the plumbing. If you’re not a qualified plumber and don’t know what you’re doing, you really should leave this to the experts.Things like new toilets not being connected properly to the waste pipe, and no running water in baths and sinks are all too common. These often have to be fixed by an experienced and qualified plumber.

Flooring issues

Lots of people take the opportunity to install new flooring when they’re changing their bathroom suites. For example, you may have recently moved into a new home and decided to give the entire bathroom a makeover. Going from lino to tiles can raise the floor level, which needs to be considered carefully when putting your new bath or shower cubicle in place. The last thing you want is water getting underneath your new flooring.

Cracked tiles

Professional tiling is a real art; very few people are able to master it straight away. Making sure you cut the tiles accurately without cracking them can be very difficult. Doing your own tiling may seem like a good way to save some money, but if you end up damaging or ruining the majority of tiles you’ve bought, it can prove to be a false economy.

Joinery disasters

One common joinery disaster people encounter is bathroom doors. If you’ve bought a new door to go with the rest of your new bathroom installation, you’ll need to make sure it fits properly. If it doesn’t, are you confident enough in your joinery skills to be able to sand it down and re-hang it?

Fitting problems

Despite measuring everything meticulously and having a professional design drawn up, many people who install their own bathroom suites often find things don’t quite fit into the available spaces. This could be down to the measurements being wrong in the first place, or the fact they’ve put the sink or bath in slightly the wrong position, which hasn’t left enough space for the toilet.

Don’t let your dream bathroom turn into a disaster. Call us now for a quote because we’ll install your new bathroom professionally and without any hassles.